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Modesto Botox injections with Dr. Calvin Lee, Surgeon
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Calvin Lee, MD

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Dr. Cavin Lee's Patient's Choice awards - chosen by patients for 2008-2011

Modesto Botox Injections at Surgical Artistry: a Jab Well Done

Written by Dr. Calvin Lee:

Advantages of having a surgeon inject your Botox
(dermal fillers too)

Advantages of having an acupuncturist inject your Botox
(who is also a surgeon)

Advantages of having a violinist inject your Botox
(who is also a surgeon)

I am married to a Plastic Surgeon who also injects Botox

I hope to use all my skills and experience when injection Botox.  I only work out of one office - it is in Modesto, CA.  I hope people will say that one of the best places to get Botox is Modesto, CA!  There are also advantages to having Botox injected by a person (me) married to a plastic surgeon (Dr. Tammy Wu).  People also ask, does Dr. Tammy Wu inject Botox?  Yes, she does.  She has a separate Botox cost per unit.  In this case, we run separate Botox practices.  We have the same telephone number, so please give us a call.  We do use similar Botox techniques.  She had taught me how to perform Botox in 2006, and monitored my progress till 2009.  After that my artistic ways caused me to shift slightly from my original techniques taught by Dr. Wu.  Our results are now slightly different, but I think that's expected since we are two different injection artists.  My main role at Surgical Artistry is to take over the role of being the Botox injector (and dermal fillers) for the practice.  We didn't set that goal till 2008.  Thus Dr. Tammy continues to see the patients that started Botox in our practice in 2006 to 2008.  Surgical Artistry was formed in 2006.  Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu came to Modesto, CA in 2003.

I do not frequently discount Botox

We consider Botox to be a carefully executed medical/surgical procedure with careful planning by our patients.  We do not want patients to feel like customers who buy on a whim.  I am personally influenced by sales and coupons and I know what that does to me.  That's not the effect I want to create by giving discounts on Botox and fluctuating prices.

We rarely have discounts on Botox at our practice.  But, for all of our registered patients at Surgical Artistry, we have historically given $50 birthday coupons (subject to change and discontinuation).  That helps!  And we participate in the Brilliant Distinctions program - see Surgical Artistry's Modesto Brilliant Distinctions statistics - the link shows how much the program has given back to our Modesto Botox patients.  Brilliant Distinctions is run by the company that makes Botox, and it's a "frequent user" program.  The more you use, the more you save.  We participate in it, but we don't make the rules and the discounts come directly from Allergan.  For us and the patients and for Allergan, it's a "win, win, win" situation.  They also have periodic Botox specials that they email to users.  We can sign you up right after your first Botox appointment.  I will be writing a webpage on "your first Botox appointment" - please stay tuned for that or search for it. 

The best discount I can give is to do my very best and give you the lowest dose of Botox that would give you the results you want with a duration that is realistic.  I hope you will consider my Botox injections to be of highest value.

Although we don't frequently change Botox pricing, we have routine discounts for Botox

Our pricing of Botox - How much does Botox cost?

Please call us (209) 551-1888 to find out the current price per unit of Botox.  I currently do not have a separate consultation fee.  So, if you're not sure about your own personal usage of Botox, please feel free to come talk to me.  No pressures in getting Botox.  I do want you to go home and think about it if necessary.

But here's a rough idea of how much Botox costs in our office (in Modesto, CA)

Prices listed here are subject to change and these prices were written on 5/27/2012

Everyone is different, here's an estimate of how much Botox would cost:


The first indication (above) is the only on-label FDA indication for Botox Cosmetic.  The other areas are considered off-label FDA usage of Botox which a medical doctor has the ability to determine appropriateness of the procedure of the FDA approved drug (Botox).  The top three procedures are the most common in our office (Surgical Artistry in Modesto, CA)

Click this link to see in table form the Summary of the most common AVERAGE BOTOX COST (I left out the ranges in the visual display because it can get confusing)

We chose Modesto, CA

I wrote a bunch about "Why Modesto, CA" since I could go anywhere in the world I wanted to practice medicine.  See more at the Botox Injection Artistry Home Page (  Why not stay in New York City where I was born?  I guess the question is somewhat similar to why not Harvard, since I was accepted as a college student?  I think I can see the value and opportunity of going to places other than what's "mainstream."  I originally chose Modesto in 2003 for a trauma/general surgery position.  My wife, Dr. Tammy Wu followed me here and quickly found a position at Sutter Gould, working mainly out of Memorial Hospital.  After 3 years here, we thought it would be a great place to set up Surgical Artistry as a center of excellence for Plastic Surgery.  So, we're here in Modesto, CA.  Please come visit us.



Dr. Tammy Wu and Dr. Calvin Lee can be contacted via their
Modesto, CA office:  Surgical Artistry.

Surgical Artistry Modesto Plastic Surgery Facebook.  This doesn't lead to the new Botox facebook page - for that link see bottom of webpage.      Botox coupons via Brilliant Distinctions Program run by the makers of Botox.  We are in Modesto, CA.  Allergan is located in California as well.     We are located in Modesto, CA, USA.  American Flag.

Surgical Artistry     |    (209) 551-1888

Please consider scheduling an appointment with us.
Botox injections (as well as injected filler implants) are performed by Dr. Calvin Lee, Board Certified Surgeon

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Located next to the post office on Sylvan Ave. in Modesto, CA.


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