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How much does Botox cost?

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There are several common ways to charge for Botox.  It is commonly charged per unit of Botox.  A unit is a measure of biologic activity.  Some places charge by the area.  At Surgical Artistry, we chose to charge by the Unit of Botox.

However, charging by the unit is hard to comprehend how much it costs if it's your first time getting Botox.   Thus, we have converted on this page our usual per-unit charge of Botox to the cost of Botox per area.

Repeated regular visits are recommended for best results.  We recommend a return visit every 3 months to keep the effects of Botox active.

Please call us for the most current pricing of Botox (per unit).

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Chart of Most Common Cost of Botox and Range of Botox pricing per Area

Prices gathered from May 2012, Surgical Artistry, Modesto, CA.  The price may fluctuate but the # of units of Botox would most likely stay the same.  The price chart is converted to the units chart below.  Also note that Botox around the lips (mouth) is not the same as getting fillers (ie. Juvederm) in the lips.  I have found several patients confused by the differences between Botox and Fillers.  In general, we can think of Botox as relaxing muscles, and fillers act to plump up the skin or lips.  The page here is dedicated to Botox usage and effects.

Location of Botox injection Most Common
cost of Botox
Cost Range
Area between the eyes (Glabellar area) $234 $140-$280
Crows feet (both) $234 $140-$280
Forehead $117 $70-$234
Around the mouth (top and bottom) $82 $46-$93
Dimpling of the chin $117 $93-$140
Vertical neck bands (each) $70 $70-$93
Jowls (both) $140  
Down turn of the mouth (both) $93 $46-$93



Chart of Most Common Units used of Botox and Range per Area

Location Most Common Botox Units Common Botox Units Range
Area between the eyes 20 12-24
Crows feet (both) 20 12-24
Forhead 10 6-20
Around the mouth (top and bottom) 7 4-8
Dimpling of the chin 10 8-12
Vertical neck bands (each) 6 6-8
Jowels (both) 12  
Down turn of the mouth (both) 8 4-8



Finding the Average cost of Botox

$339.30 for 29 Units of Botox (average)

I looked at 46 charts in May 2012, and came up with an average price paid for Botox at our office (Surgical Artistry, Modesto, CA) and also the average amount of Botox used.  The answer is 29 units of Botox.  But I didn't inject anyone with 29 units of Botox - it ended up being an average figure.  So if I looked to find repeated patterns of the most common amount actually used on a patient:  The most common amount of Botox units used is 26.

Finding the most Common cost of Botox

$304 for 26 Units of Botox (most common)


More information regarding Botox pricing:


I hope the information above helps you figure out a rough idea of how much Botox Costs.

Disclaimer:  please call us to get the latest Botox information.  Furthermore, prices across the country vary.  And some Botox practitioners will charge an additional injection or consultation fee.

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