Why a patient would choose Surgical Artistry – Staff View

Why a patient would choose Surgical Artistry, in Modesto, California

My staff last week sat down in the conference room and over lunch with our Botox / Allergan Representative, they brainstormed (without me) a list some ideas on why we are worth considering for Botox injections.  I have my own thoughts about why choose Surgical Artistry (Calvin Lee, MD) for Botox.  But these are theirs, and I just cut and pasted their summary email which they came up with all by themselves.  I think it’s pretty nice!

Botox is a high priority in our practice and we talk about it often at work.

  • -Dr. Lee is an Ivy league trained general surgeon that has been trained in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures
  • -Dr. Lee highly knowledgeable in facial anatomy
  • -Dr. Lee has been working with needles for over 15 years!
  • -Experience: a patient could not find an office with a better in office experience
  • -longer specialized appointment times
  • -Higher level of service
  • -more consultation time, better experience, better outcomes

Disclaimer:  These are their own opinions.  I have a very enthusiastic team at Surgical Artistry.   I personally have very high regard for other Botox practices and I know I have a lot to learn from others.


Visit our home-made Botox web page:  Modesto Botox by Calvin Lee, Surgeon – our telephone number and other methods of contact are listed there.