What size / kind of Botox refrigerator would you recommend?

I like to help other Botox injectors and I just got this question on my email today.  I thought I’d share and hopefully help others

Question: How big of a fridge will I need for Botox? Which one do you recommend?

Answer that I emailed back:

Fridge Size:  I use a dorm room sized fridge.  It’s half height fridge which comes up to my waist.  You don’t really need anything big at all for Botox.  Small works just fine.

You could even get a square shaped mini fridge.  But I don’t want to bend down all the way to the ground.

You don’t need a freezer for Botox.  They make refrigerators without a freezer.  This could potentially save electricity and some hassle of freezer issues.  I think if I were to do it differently, I would get a refrigerator without a freezer.  The ice in there messes up the temperature sometimes.

Regarding temperature regulation.  I have two thermometers – one is digital (uses batteries) and broadcasts the temperature, and the other is just a plain analog thermometer (no batteries).  It’s important to keep the temperature of the Botox within the guidelines suggested by the manufacturer.  But sometimes, it’s nice to have a freezer section for the ice packs.  These would be ice packs to hand out to patients for bruising.

I hope this info helps.

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