How many lip augmentation patients do you see with your Botox practice?

I got this question a few days ago, and I think I might try to count for the next week to give you a more accurate answer regarding lip injections of filler.

In general, I don’t feel that it is quantity that matters as much as quality.  But I do inject Botox and lip fillers every day Monday through Friday in our Modesto practice: Surgical Artistry.

I think I probably do between 1 and 4 lips per day, thus the answer per week of lip fillers would probably be somewhere between 5 to 20 lip patients per week.

We could do a retrospective chart study to see how many lip injections I’ve done, but I think it would be more fun to see what the week holds.

Thank you for asking about lip augmentation with lip injections.  I have definitely seen a rise in popularity of lip fillers over the 12 years that I have been injecting.