How to get surgeon steady hands for botox injections

I wrote this to one of our Surgical Artistry team members on the topic of how to get surgeon-steady hands. It can be practiced and it can be improved upon, much like playing the violin or piano.


“Then you have to think about points of stabilization for the knuckles, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. These points of stabilization need to find possible anchors. For knuckles and wrist – you want to see if you can put parts of the hand on the patient, if not, then put your left hand on the patient and your right hand on top of your left hand this creates an anchor. Then the elbows you have to either anchor it on stable furniture without contamination, or your own body. The shoulders should be loose and flexible and not held stiffly – that will lead to future back problems which will not help with steadiness. It all starts with these thought process of thinking of stabilization points which need to find anchor points and matching them together. I use these concepts all the time when injecting Botox, Kybella and fillers – Voluma, Juvederm, etc. Thus when the patient breathes or moves, my hand moves with the patient synchronously due to anchor points tied to the patient’s head.”